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Biologically Active Additives (BAAs)? That's just the thing!

The 21st century brought in many diseases that had not been almost known before. The West experienced "a vitamin revolution” about 20 years ago, and we are experiencing it today. Many doctors, due to the complexity of modern medicine, have become narrow specialists and are unable to keep up with the developments of related sciences and to pay due attention to dietary additives.

BAAs are concentrates of natural nutritional and biologically active substances derived from food raw material of animal, marine and mineral origin, nutritional or medicinal plants, or obtained by chemical synthesis (synthesized substances that are identical to natural analogs). The body cannot synthesize these essential nutritional and biologically active substances, so we need to include them into our diet every day. Otherwise they become a deficit which eventually increases, the body is weakened and unable to withstand adverse environmental factors. As a result the working capacity grows worth and aging process is enhanced. Prolonged deficiency of these substances in the body can lead to serious diseases.

Health-giving radish, life-giving honey.

And yet, what could be worse than a bitter radish? Probably only a horse-radish, which is not sweeter than a radish, as a proverb says. However, a man is very curious, restless and prone to uncontrolled experimentation. So, one day he decided to drill a hole in the radish and added a little bit of honey. This passionate fusion of juice of a bitter root and sweet bee products was truly blessed by the coughing part of humanity.

Black radish crop is used in folk medicine since ancient times to the present day, as vegetable crops it is grown almost everywhere. Nowadays, radish is used in both ways - as a daily food and for medicinal purposes. The most famous feature is the ability of the radish to hold up cough of different origin. The well-known micro-and bio-elements, biocatalysts (potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, iron, vitamins, enzymes, fructose, glucose, etc.) contribute to the healing properties of honey and due to them it has no equal among the products of plant origin. Combined properties of radish juice and honey are the key to success in the fight against inflammatory diseases of the upper respiratory tract. The recipe for the syrup from radish juice with honey, which serves as a mitigating means in the fight with a cough and bronchial diseases has long been known in folk medicine. In order to obtain an effective remedy on the basis of radish and honey, you do not necessarily spend a lot of time and effort to find ingredients and cooking liquor from a radish, because the "Pharmaceutical Company "Vertex, Ltd " together with "Experimental Plant "GNCLS" release a preparation under trade mark "Health-Giving Radish”, which comprises the following components: radish juice, honey and mint oil, which have antispasmodic, sedative, antiseptic and analgesic properties. Mint makes breathing easier and creates a feeling of pleasant coolness in a burning throat. Ready-made radish juice with honey and mint oil "Health-Giving radish" is available in a convenient and secure 100 ml packaging.

Let every citizen have a pumpkin!

Effect of bad environment, residues of medicines and food, toxic substances, pathogens, waste products of cells and tissues accumulating in our bodies, the banal gluttony, etc. – all these lead to slagging of the human body that is the cause of various diseases, including obesity. Bashfully dropping one’s eyes is not necessary, we are not alone, alas!. From 25 to 75% of the adult population of Europe suffer from overweight.

Obesity is among the leading risk factors for heart disease and diabetes, which is called an epidemic of the XXI century.

To lie down facing the wall and die - of course, it is not worth doing it. What you really need is just to take a resolute decision and to throw away this ballast. And our ballast is slag, alien substances that enter the body through the skin, lungs, mucous membranes and digestive system. Their main place of accumulation is the intestine, especially the colon, which is very intricate in its structure, forms many folds and twists. These "architectural excesses" contribute to the formation and accumulation of the insoluble impurities on the inner walls. Soluble toxins are absorbed along with water. And sometimes they “make their nests” in the intestine, “get married“ and produce offspring, sorry, worms, and, alas, this fact, does not contribute to our well-being.

The safest way to cleanse the body of multi-wall surface accumulations of slag and parasites is the use of natural sorbents, which contain dietary fiber, namely - plant fiber.

Pumpkin seeds fiber combines insoluble and soluble dietary fiber, complementing each other's action that promotes more effective and less traumatic treatment of our gastrointestinal tract.

Specialists of the "Pharmaceutical Company "Vertex "Ltd” suggest…pumpkin to all those who suffer from obesity. Not in the sense a gift for alien to Slavic spirit Halloween but as a wonderful preparation for correcting the weight and cleaning the body of toxins. It is a dietary additive "Fibre of Pumpkin Seeds "Healthy Nourishment”.

A dietary additive "Fibre of pumpkin seeds” is recommended as an aid:

  • for loosing weight;
  • for cleaning the body of toxins;
  • when there is a tendency to constipation, for stimulation of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • in helminthic invasion;
  • for recovery of water-salt balance, and water retention, and diseases involving edema;
  • for the normalization of the liver and biliary tract;
  • to lower cholesterol and blood sugar, for normalization of protein and lipid metabolism;
  • in food, chemical and medicinal poisoning;
  • for allergies;
  • for regular use as a prophylactic measure for overall body strengthening.

So, dear fellow citizens, ballast has been thrown away from the body – you feel easily. Glory to the pumpkin!

Pantover — Renaissance of your body.

From time immemorial branched antlers on a man’s forehead have always been considered an accessory, to say the least, disgraceful. However, the same notorious horns attached at the right time to the right place have a truly miraculous effect on a human body.

In folk medicine of Southeast Asia the history of using antlers (non-ossified horns) has over two thousand years. Studying the chemical nature of antlers of Maral deer, Manchurian sika and reindeer have shown that their mineral elements, amino acids and protein complexes, lipid substances are a complex set of biologically active substances. The chemical analysis identified five major groups of substances: mineral substances (20 mineral elements including trace minerals have been isolated from the tissue), amino acids, peptides, lipid fraction and the bases of nucleic acids.

A dietary additive "Pantover” is an effective tonic and adaptogenic preparation of a new generation. Its active component is pantogematogen representing the substance of the blood of the Altai deer (Maral) taken in periods of cutting antlers and processed using a patented low-temperature dehydration and sterilization. Believing in the healing power of nature and using only natural biologically active ingredients, specialists of the "Pharmaceutical Company" Vertex ", Ltd” achieved the top quality of its products.

A dietary additive "Pantover"

  • improves mental and physical activity after previous serious illnesses, injuries and surgeries, as well as in asthenic conditions during the offseason, a sudden change in the weather, while changing of climatic conditions;
  • slows the aging process, improving the condition of patients with atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease, impaired peripheral circulation, with age-related changes in muscles, bones and joints;
  • speeds up the healing process, coalescence of bones and connective tissue;
  • improves efficiency;
  • activates the protective forces and immune system of the body, increasing resistance to colds and infectious diseases;
  • improves the condition of patients with stress-related diseases (neurosis, neurasthenia, peptic ulcer disease, cardiovascular disease, sex neuroses, liver disease and kidney disease), normalizes sleep (acute shortage of sleep can increase the need for sleep);
  • improves sexual function;
  • lowers blood cholesterol levels;
  • possesses antiulcer effect;
  • universally valid, regardless of personality type and source of the human condition.

Delicious health.

Since ancient times the walnut is considered one of the wonders created by nature, and due to its jointly beneficial properties it has no equal in the plant world. In the works of famous Arab physician Ibn Sina (Avicenna), walnut was recommended for restorative nourishment and treatment. But the main wealth of this plant is its kernel from which they receive valuable product — walnut oil.

Sages of the East, when asked what to do to grow wiser, advised to drink the oil from the walnut kernels, and said that the fruit of a nut was the brain, and oil pressed from it - the mind. And in Russia, walnuts and walnut oil were called “brain holiday”. As long ago as at the time of the pharaohs, the priests forbade ordinary people to eat nuts and nut oil, fearing of their physical and mental development.

The composition of walnut oil contains over 80 elements necessary for a person on daily - vitamins A, D, K, C, P, PP, vitamins of group B, a record quantity of vitamin E, carotenoids, tocopherols, antioxidants, macro-and micronutrients (zinc, copper , iodine, calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, cobalt, selenium) easily assimilated proteins and carbohydrates (glucose and sucrose), biologically active substances and, more importantly, walnut oil is a leader in content of essential polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) - Vitamin F (92%) - which cannot be synthesized in the body and must be got with food. They are especially important for heart health, liver, brain and retina, as they nourish, protect and restore these organs.

Walnut oil reduces the risk of cardiac diseases, purifies and strengthens the walls of blood vessels making them flexible and elastic, prevents the development of atherosclerosis and normalizes blood pressure. Oil improves the elasticity of the capillaries and nourishes the brain cells, improves visual acuity, positively effects on the nervous system, eliminates fatigue, normalizes sleep. In addition, the nut oil restores and strengthens the liver cells, promotes the full and timely flow of bile, improves elasticity of the bile duct. Also, nut oil is used for chronic and acute hepatitis, cholecystitis, gastritis, colitis, ulcers. The presence of sitosterol (essential fatty acid) reduces the absorption of cholesterol from the intestines, cleanses the intestine and rectum. Oil improves metabolic function, normalizes blood sugar and normalizes thyroid activity in the hyperfunction. It is a preventive and therapeutic preparation for bone and joint diseases; it has long been used for tuberculosis. It also promotes a soft cleaning of kidneys, improves blood circulation in the genital area and stimulates spermatogenesis . Walnut oil has a tonic and rejuvenating effect on skin. It is used for wounds, fractures, non-healing ulcers, purulent inflammation, abrasions, psoriasis, eczema, regenerating tissue for burns of any degree. It is used for outward application as a protective means against sunburn and to purchase a velvet tan.

A. Sazonova, a doctor, otorhinolaryngologist.