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Gipertoklin - control your pressure!

Hypertension (high blood tension) — is one of the most widespread chronic diseases of the present days which is found in ј of adults ¼ and in 50 % of cases hypertension is a disease of people older than 65 years.

Classification of arterial blood pressure




optimal pressure



normal pressure



limits of possible norm



hypertension of the 1-st stage



hypertension of the 2-nd stage



hypertension of the 3-rd stage



Manifestations of the disease

Tinnitus aurium (noise in ears), headaches, inner tension, reduced efficiency, disturbance of memory, anxiety and other symptoms that accompany hypertension in many respects are similar to the normal fatigue and after rest they often are over.

What is the danger?

Arterial hypertension is a major cause of diseases such as ischemic heart disease, insult, cardiac and renal failure, atherosclerosis. It is because of them the life of every second person is interrupted. A big misconception is the opinion that we should not actively treat "mild" hypertension. According to official data, most patients suffer from this form of the disease - when the tension rises to 160/100 mm Hg. At the same time they have the largest number of cardiovascular complications.

How to fight

Hypertension can not be cured forever. However, it can be controlled. Correctly chosen treatment and a healthy lifestyle, namely, restricting of using salt, alcohol, fats, no smoking, walks before going to sleep and regular exercise can help maintain good health and efficiency for many years.

Currently, traditional medicine widely enjoys experience of the so-called “folk” medicine. Use of preparations from raw materials of plants in treating arterial hypertension takes an increasingly important place as an auxiliary method, and in some cases, at the initial manifestations of the disease, is fundamental. It is particularly important that the herbs are compatible with modern drugs and can enhance their therapeutic effect. However, the success in treating patients with severe hypertension, using only herbs, without synthetic drugs, cannot be achieved.

Different combinations of plants have been used for centuries by healers for diseases of the heart, blood vessels and urinary system.

ООО «Pharmaceutical company «Vertex» Ltd. together with «Experimental plant»GNCLS» developed the preparation HYPERTOKLIN. HYPERTOKLIN contains such proved to be very good plants as haw (Crataegus sanguinea), elder (Sambucus nigra), buckwheat (Fagopirum esculentum), Lycopus, mint (Mentha piperita), Cat's Whiskers (Orthosiphon stamineus), motherwort (Leonurus cardiaca), rose, meadow sweet (Filipendula), skullcaps (Scutellaria), black horehound (Ballota). .Their effect on the body is associated with contained in them biologically active substances that have sedative, coronary diletative, neuroleptic, diuretic, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, capillary roborant, hypotensive, anti-arrhythmic, improving blood circulation and normalizing blood tension, anti-sclerotic effect.

Dietary additive HYPERTOKLIN is sold in chemist’s shops throughout the territory of Ukraine.